Lower Triglycerides With Tomatoes

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller with a quick tip for improving your heart health. Do you usually ask for tomatoes with your turkey on whole wheat? Make it a habit and your triglycerides could benefit. In a study, young adults who consumed lots of fresh tomatoes, almost three cups of the fresh fruits each day, saw big improvements in their lipid profile after only six weeks. Their triglyceride levels dropped, their bad LDL cholesterol dropped and their HDL cholesterol levels, the good kind, improved. How did it happen?

Tomatoes and tomato juice are rich in fenals, and researchers credit these disease fighting compounds with helping to keep unhelpful blood fats in check. So top your salads with cherry tomatoes, add slices to your sandwiches and dissect a bunch of fresh tomatoes for a sauce of snack, and have a glass or two of tomato juice. Your heart will thank you. For more ways to boost you health, watch all our health smarts, right here.