Testosterone Keeps You Honest

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz. How much do you know about testosterone? That male hormone fosters more than power, strength and aggression. It's important sexual desire and satisfaction, brain size and function and muscle tone. Testosterone can even keep you honest. A recent studies show that men dose with a little bit of extra testosterone [xx] frequently than those without the hormone helper.

Seems that the hormone works their barin most ethical behavior, and brings up social co-operation, and also we do spher make you more resilient, distressed and more self confident. So here's how you can boost your testosterone levels. Lower your body mass index. Every two point drop in your body mass index that's about 12 excess pounds in a nine foot inch guy increases circulating testosterone by two points.

Cut back on boozzie. [xx] moderate drinking can lower testosterone levels by 7%. Reduce stress, chronic stress increases fat deposit that turn their testosterone into estrogen. See if 78 hours the night every night. This [xx] is when testosterone is made. Sweet dreams indeed. I'm Dr. Oz for more ways top stay on top of your health game check out our smart tips