5 Ways to Boost Male Fertility

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Hi, Dr. Mike Royzen here. I feel like I should go like this and whisper to your over in a corner, but this is a smart tip if you're a guy concerned about fertility, or a spouse hoping for a baby soon, here's a do-it-yourself male fertility improvement plan to increase your sperm production and function.

Replace bad fats with good ones. That's right. Eating food loaded with saturated fat reduces sperm counts by almost 50% and slows the swimming ability of your remaining sperm down by more than 50% getting more healthy DHA omega-3 fatty acids from fish such as salmon or trout or algae means higher sperm counts and better sperm swimming! And fill up on fruits and veggies.

They protect sperm quality and quantity by revving up your body's defenses that will keep your sperm healthy. And add vitamin D3 and zinc. Both help your sperm swim better and faster. Aim for a thousand international units of vitamin D3 in a supplement form and 12 milligrams of zinc daily.

And get that laptop off your lap! You too out there! And your phone out of your pocket. There bad news for male fertility, they heat your sperm, not good, so keep coo where it counts. Sperm productions needs temperature than the rest of your body. That's why it's in that sack. It makes the switch if you will to lower temperature.

You can to by switching from briefs to boxers. Tight underwear can reduce sperm count by 50%. For more ways to keep your real age younger and your sperm swimming happier, watch all of our smart tips. They're right here.