Can Cell Phone Radiation Affect My Fertility?

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My next questions is for my famous celebrity couple, he was the very first winner about Tran ship show. Their practice. She anxious in rooms everyday. Together they are just stars upstauned that works with the reality series, Juliana and Bill. Juliana here is star light from Los Angeles.

You welcome Bill and Juliana Rantoms. Hey guys. Hey Dr. Oz, how are you? I've seen you guys everywhere, thanks for joining us, what's your question? Well, you know Juliana, we have been trying to have ta baby, and we had a few issues in the fertility department so this is our question.

Here goes, okay we need to wipe around in your car, and you keep your cell phone on your lab, and sometimes Bill works around and he keeps his cell phone in his pocket. Can that in some way hurt like your private parts, like a woman's ovary, or maybe it affects sperm count, if you know what I am talking about Dr.

Oz. Yeah I am good, I am good in that department. Just for the record I have been track-ted and it was quite an unpleasing experience. Why was it unpleasant? They need to update the video material to at least the 80's. Alright. You guys use you cellphones a lot? We do. We live on them. I thought this is one of the problems all the days that we have in touch on cellphones is automatically because it takes years to develop side effects from many kind of low radiation from [xx] cell phones.

So, what do you think will happen 10 years ago, and today we have more exposure lets talk more of what happen out there. First of all to be clear, there is no evidence at all on a I am concerned about the ovary. The reason for that is that the cell phone power drops dramatically as it gets further away from the private part what you worried about.

On the other hand, the testicles which hang tantalizing distance from the core of the body. They are exposed we all find that we [xx] to this kids, and radiation could be a problem in that regard. And I bring that up because their is one study that exposed sperm to cell phone irradiation.

They show about 11% reduction and the ability of sperm to do what you are supposed to do. So, I have got a little quiz here just come up here for a second. Sure. I have actually gotten a video here of sperm, and there is two streams here. Now, you know this on one side the sperm are moving a little differently than the other one were seen a bit amenic[sp?].

Now, which of these would you prefer to have if you are trying to get pregnant. The active ones not these onces lying at the beach, or something. Yeah, they are look at this how nostalgic they are. Now, here is the problem, it's not only the account of sperm the number but how active they are that becomes the problem.

That's interesting thank you. So, I have got one last tip for that reason, I would not if I were you, and I personally do not carry yourself on off my waste, makes sense? I will hold this from now on. I want that little tip for every body out their. Their has been a lot of data on cell phones recently.

If you are not having good reception with your cell phone don't use it because it boost's the power a lot in order to get reception. Ssimple little tip might help you in the fertility front. Love you guys, thank you.