How Is Erectile Dysfunction Treated?

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ED has a menu of treatment options and every patient I've seen I say there's a menu of five things and there's still a menu of five things available. There are pills. There are three pills out there they've been on the market and they are very similar to each other. After the pills there's vacuum devices, injections which go directly into the penis.

There are suppositories and then there is penile implants. Penile implants are a type of operation, this is what my practice consist of doing hundreds of these penile implant procedures per year. I feel that with penile implants anybody can achieve an erection, any man 100% of men can come in and have this 15, 20 minutes procedure where a man can achieve an erection.

An implant is put into the penis, it's all concealed there's a hidden pump in the scrotum, after that a man has a working penis again and he don't need to take pills or injections. So penile implants are at the end of the line but also in someways they will fix almost anybody, and men are very satisfied with them.

I feel confident with the fact with these five things, especially the fact that we have penile implants, we could treat 100% of men. The last thing I would add is there's also hypogonadism it's low testosterone or low T, and treating low testosterone is also that sixth armor to add to those five things to the menu that we can also use to treat sexual dysfunctions in general.