Does Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction Ever Include Surgery?

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Yes, so there is a surgery called penile prosthesis surgery, where a tube can be implanted inside the penis, and that tube is connected to a pump, the pump sits in your scrotum which is all inside your body and when you want to have sex, you want to have an erection, you pump the pump in your scrotum, water from a reservoir or somewhere else in your body is pumped through that pump into the cylinders that are in your penis, that makes the penis become erect.

That's called an inflatable penile prosthesis, that's one type of surgery. Another one is where you don't have the pumping mechanism, you just have these cylinders placed in your penis that is sort of hard all the time, and when you don't want have sex you bend it down and when you want to have sex, you bend it upwards.