A Surprising Cause of ED

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz here with some news about erectile dysfunction. Guys, your penis is a deep stick to your health. If your bedroom performance isn't what you'd like to be, fatigue may be the problem. That's right, lack of shuteye not only makes you drag at the office during the day, it also affects things in the bedroom, that's because chronic fatigue wreaks havoc on your body, your energy levels deep which lowers your desire for sex.

So if you put your body is too damn tired to sustain an erection. So, if you've been skipping on sleep make getting seven day hours a shuteye night your top priority. You'd perform better both in and out of the bedroom, but if you are getting plenty of sleep and you still fill tired, well then you got to see a doctor.

Your fatigue might be a sign that you have a serious health condition like high blood pressure or diabetes, these are two conditions that can also affect your sexual performance. I'm Dr. Oz, for more ways to feel great and stay at the top of your game, watch all of our health tips right here.