Save Your Colon With Pomegranate Juice

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz with a quick tip to prevent colon cancer. Darker than rubies they are loaded with sweet tart taste. Pomegranate juice has lots of sensory appeal, but here's a better reason to love it. It may keep your colon healthy. In a recent test tubes study, special polyphenals in the juice appeared to do a great job of vanquishing colon cancer cells.

Reducing their ability to replicate by 85%. Here's how it works. The juice of the pomegranate contains polyphenals which are metabolized by our digestive system into substances called urolithins. Both these compounds interrupt the processes that allow cancer cells to develop, divide and thrive, that's a good thing, and in a study, these pomegranate compounds knock back a key enzyme that normally converts certain compounds in to carcinogens whether you drink pomegranate juice or just eat the fruit's juicy seeds is a great food to add to your cancer prevention diet.

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