Eat Broccoli for a Happy Colon

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Hi I'm Dr Miller and here's a nutritious tip that starts with a delicious green cancer fighter. You know you should eat more veggies but if you load up on the right ones you can reduce your risk of colon cancer. Leafy greens and broccoli are packed with folate and a recent study show that having high blood levels of folate lowered colon cancer risk.

The study also compares the benefits of folates and foods and folic acid, the synthetic kind found in dietary supplement and added to fortified food products, like bread. Turns out both types helps to reduce the risk of colon cancer as long as you get enough of it. 700 micrograme per day is the recommended amount.

Other good sources includes spinach and lentil. All that folate is good for your heart too and helps prevent age related hearing loss. So have another spinach salad and check out more videos with smart nutrition tip.