Can Sitting Cause Cancer?

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Hi, I'm Dr. Wright. Here's an important health tip, maybe the most important one you'll hear all day. Stand up while you watch this. That's because sitting around is a serious threat to your heart. Recent studies have shown that lots of sitting messes up your blood sugar, blood pressure and even cholesterol, even if you get a lot of exercise.

But, here's the newest shocker: Sitting contributes to cancer. Researchers have tied 49, 000 U. S. Cases of breast cancer and 43, 000 cases of colon cancer each year to prolonged sitting. This puts sitting right up there with such well known cancer risk-raisers as smoking, obesity and a poor diet, but getting up, even for a few minutes sprigs up the bad body effects of sitting, key enzymes move, blood flows, mind and muscles flex.

Get up and move at least every 30 minutes. Pace when you're on the phone, stand and stretch, do double duty when you watch TV, cook, fold laundry, empty the dish washer, get up and dance to the theme music or ride a stationary bike. I'm Dr. Wright, for more tips to live better and longer, watch all out Health Smart's videos, but stand up while you watch them.