Does Smoking Affect Women's Hearts the Same As Men's?

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For you. Is the effect of smoking the same on hearts of men and women? What do you think? I don't know, I'm dying to find out. No. Women who smoke are 25% more likely to develop heart disease than men who smoke. It seems that women absorb more of the harmful agents of cigarette smoke.

Well then is it equally as difficult for men and women to quit smoking? No, women have a much harder time. Why is that? Don't know, but after a heart attack, men are much more likely to quit and keep from smoking than women. Really? Yes. You would hope so, that's a good sign that it might be time to quit.

Right, but women have a hard time quitting, and no one really knows why. On of those mysteries of nature, I know, so it never stops, that's the key. There you go..