Do We Need a Women-Centric Approach to Treating Heart Disease?

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I don't, I think most women would argue yes, it's very interesting in cardiology even though the percentage of women professionals in neurosurgery and other surgical specialists systematically increased and cardiologies like around 20%. And some people think that's part of the reason that women's cardiovascular care is not fully realized, in other words feel like at almost every clinical trial women only represent 25, 30% of the population yet they're enrolled in the trial or that they've tested the new therapy out when they're 50% population or more, so why is that? Just anecdotely I can tell you that women do tend to underplay their symptoms that they tend to be care givers that's well documented, so women's awareness of heart disease has increased.

Women will tend to present later and they present in different ways. Would a woman be more sensitive in detecting that another woman maybe, we've done some studies with implanted devices to try to figure out if the women who implant them are more likely to implant more women than not, we haven't found them.

We haven't found that women implant more women or maybe that's because they're not referred those women in the first place. I don't know but it's interesting to me that in specialities where women get to choose in other words patients will always chose another woman. If you look at OBGYN or pediatrics women generally will choose same sex providers.