Exercise Turns on Good Genes

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Hi I'm Dr. Oz each of us has their own genetic code handed down by our parents and that code is full of good genes and bad genes, but what you may not know is that you have the power to turn off some of those bad genes like the ones that promote cancer and heart disease, and turn on the good genes that fight disease and give you brain power.

How? Get moving. The benefits of exercise kick in within minutes if your first steps so you win every time you move. Exercise rubs up more that 100 genes that protect against cancer. Just three hours of activity a week boost 109 cancer protecting genes and throws up 75 cancer promoting genes. easy guides with low grade prostrate cancer.

This activity turns on genes that helps parts of most cells divide, which helps you take your work better and protects you against heart failure. Routine exercise turns off genes that encourage extra fats to move into your level and turns on genes that produce proteins that helps to fight invader to pack up and leave.

To remember every time you have new genes shape up too. I'm Dr. Oz, check out all of our health tips right here.