What Foods Can Reduce a Woman's Risk of Stroke?

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Are there specific foods that may help produce stroke risk in women? Yes researchers have found that flavonoids which are chemicals in oranges in grape fruit may reduce the risk of Ischemic strokes buy 19% and those whose have diet high in citrus fruits compared to those who consume little to no citrus fruits in their diet I love flavonoids [xx] they are so deliciousI know they are, what exactly are they? Well, they are chemicals in citrus fruits and other [xx] it's a tongue twister fruits and vegetables as wellwow, I have no idea, now is it easier to get the citrus in fruit or fruit juices? I think it's always best to get it from the fruit because the juices you get way too much sugar, and the fruits have fibre in them that help you digest the sugars.

So it's always best to it it the way it's meant to be done in nature.