Red Meat and Stroke Risk for Women

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We all love four legged creatures but the aim is to protect you, not them when I tell you they don't belong on your dinner plate. Hi, I'm Dr. Miller. Red meats can seriously bump up your risk for heart disease, metabolic syndrome, many cancers and stroke. It takes only a little to do a lot of damage.

A major recent study show that women who eat just 3.6 ounces of red meat daily less than a small burger at most diners and fast food joints are 42% more likely to have a stroke than women who eat less than one ounce. Processed meats like bacon and lunch meat are worse, only 1.5 ounces a day boosts stroke risk 24%. The big culprits are artery clogging saturated fat and the high salt content in processed meat.

Both may accelerate production of cell damaging, free radicals and increase your blood pressure, the main cause of stroke. So why risk it? Get your protein from fish, skinless white meat, nuts, tofu and beans, and your heart will love you. I'm Dr. Miller. Get more great health and nutrition tips, right here.