Prevent Strokes With a Real Brain Food Like Fish

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Hi, Dr. Miller here with tips about the fish you eat. From [xx] to salmon, fish really is great brain food. Yes your mum was right, if you're already eating plenty of fish, good for you. 3 servings of non fried fish a week can slash your risk of stroke by as much as 30%, but dig into fried sea food and you'll not only erase that stroke protection, but also make your stroke risk even higher.

People in America's stroke belt a swath of seven southern states from the Carolinas to Arkansas are 34% more likely to have a fatal stroke than folks in other states. They are also 32% more likely to eat fried fish. That's no coincidence. Frying leaches stroke-fighting Omega-3 fatty acids out of the fish.

Omega-3s in fish guard your brain by lowering your blood pressure, keeping lousy LDL cholesterol down and healthy HDL up, cooling inflammation and discouraging blood clot. So order your sea food broiled, baked or poached. I'm Dr. Miller. Want to learn more ways to nourish your health? Watch all our smart tips, right here.