If My Carotid Arteries Are Clogged, Am I At Risk for a Stroke?

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Or if someone has clogged arteries or clogged carotid arteries to the brain is there a way to tell if they are in risk of having a stroke? Well it looks like they're aiming. There are some preliminary studies to suggest that a special ultra sound of the carotid arteries and another ultra sound of the brain arteries can show who is at risk of developing a stroke.

The truth is that the number of people who actually have the stroke when their arteries are clogged, it's found to be small. Basic non- experimental ultra sound doesn't really help. But why is this new imaging so important? It's important because the surgery is pretty risky for developing a stroke itself so if you who's at risk, then you know who is a good surgical candidate and if they should have it.