How to Eat Less Salt and Lower Your Stroke Risk

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Hi, Dr. Miller here with an easy way to lower your risk of a heart attack or stroke. Trim your sodium consumption by just one half teaspoon of salt a day. In a dramatic recent study, researchers estimated that cutting out just three grams a day, about half a tea spoon of salt, could prevent up to 99000 heart attacks and 66000 strokes a year, so what's a half a teaspoon?

It's the amount most of us probably put in our pasta water. Still it's unlikely that your pasta water is putting you over the limit, researchers suggest we get up to 75% of our daily salt intake from processed foods and restaurant meals. In fact, processed and packaged food have so much sodium, that most of us end up eating 8 to 11 grams of salt a day, more than twice what 's recommended.

Your best bet to cut down you salt intake, eat out less often, and cook more meals at home. For more ways on your sure health watch and share all our smart health tips right here,.