Eat a Banana for Better Blood Pressure

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz with a delicious way to lower your blood pressure. Pill away hypertension one banana at a time. Bananas are cheap and plentiful all year long and they're busting with potassium. A few studies suggest that people who add the potassium equivalent of an extra one or two bananas a day could drop their blood pressure by two to three points, that's significant considering that could be enough to lower your stroke risk.

Another study found that people with the highest potassium intake levels cut their stroke risk by a whooping 38% compared to people who got the least potassium. Why does it have such a huge benefit? Potassium encourages your kidneys to fault to blood pressure boosting sodium out of your blood stream, it also helps tiny blood vessels relax and makes blood pressure such as in your artery loss to function more efficiently. Aim for 3000 mg potassium a day, don't rely on pills they can be dangerous if you have kidney problems, opt for fruits and veggies instead, a medium banana has 422 milligrams.

Other great sources include sweet potatoes with the skin, yoghurt and beans. I'm Dr. Oz, for more ways to protect your heart, check out all of our smart tips.