4 Ways to Cut Back on Sodium

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Hi, Dr. Oz here. You know too much sodium is bad for your heart, well, it's bad for your brain too. The amount of sodium most Americans eat everyday, doubles there stroke risk, current government guidelines say most adults should consume about 1500 mg a day of sodium, that's three quarters of a teaspoon of salt, but if you eat a lot of packaged or processed food or restaurant foods, you're probably getting a lot more than that.

77% of the sodium you eat comes from prepared foods. There are a few ways that you can cut back. First off fill your plate with naturally low sodium food. That's fruit, veggies, whole grains cooked without added salt or broth, low or no-fat dairy foods and fresh poultry and fish read the food labels, just 7% of shoppers check sodium levels.

Everybody should, and compare brands. The point spread can be huge be creative when you look, salt isn't the only way to boost flavor. Experiment with different herbs and spices. Use acidic ingredients like lemon and balsamic vinegar to brighten the flavor. And finally give your pallet time to adjust it can take eight weeks to lose a taste for extra salty foods, but you'll start off to appreciate a satisfying rainbow of other flavors.

I'm Dr. Oz, for more ways to nourish your health, check out all of our smart tips.