Your Coworkers Can Help You Quit Smoking

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Hi! Dr. Miller here with the smart tip to help you quit smoking. You know you need the support of friends and family when you're trying to kick the habit, but here's another source of support that can boost your chances of quitting successfully, your co-workers, that's especially true if your're part of a work based smoking cessation program, and if it's one that comes with a small financial incentive, even better.

Researchers tested this theory by placing employees on a workplace based quit smoking team, if the quitters remain smoke free, the whole team receive bonuses, those bonuses increase the longer everyone abstained from smoking. After a year, only about half the participants in the team workplace program had relapsed, that's pretty good since we love to race a year after quitting is as high as 90% according to some estimate, although the money was nice, he wasn't a lot, only about $90 every three months, the researchers suspect that real motivation came from a of your support and positive peer pressure.

Can a workplace stop smoking program help you quit? It certainly can be a smart part of your smoking cessation plan. So if your employer offers a quit smoking plan, sign up. I'm Dr. Miller check out all our smart tips for more ways to stay smoke free.