Why Do People Still Smoke?

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I go around and I speak to high school kids frequently and I talk to them, about medical school, about cancers, and how to treat that. My underlying theme with them is not don't smoke, my underlying theme with them is don't try to be cool, because I think a lot bad things happen when you're trying to be cool when you're trying to gain the acceptance of your peers, and that's my underlying message to them.

I think when a majority of people have lung cancer started under the age of 19, you can't discount that the peer influence on that. There's a cool factor, or a rebel factor that's associated with smoking, and at that age, when adolescents they're very vulnerable to that, when they start it's a cool thing, and then when they get so of older and their hope to those drugs, the nicotine and the other addictive substances that are in cigarettes, they can't quit.

Keith Richards said, he goes it was easier to stop smack than quit smoking.