Start Exercising Before You Quit Smoking

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Hi I'm Dr. Miller here with a tip to help you stop smoking. Just take a walk. Many people are concerned about gaining weight when they stop smoking, they worry that instead of putting a butt in their mouth, they'll reach for food, but you could avoid that by starting a new habit to replace smoking.

Exercising for 30 minutes a day, everyday. It does more than keep you slim. Those workouts can help you manage nicotine withdrawals symptoms. Studies suggest that even a 5 minute walk can cut down on cigarette craving, that's because exercising engages your brain emotion centers unleashing mood enhancing hormones that clog cravings can take your mind off cigarettes and smoking.

Still you want to shoot for 30 minutes of exercise each day. Study shows that longer, more intense workout can keep nicotine fit under wraps for upto an hour, so take a walk, hit the gym, hop on the bike or swim from laps, whatever exercise that works for you will do the trick, I'm Dr.

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