Smart Steps When You First Quit Smoking

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[SOUND] Hi, I'm Dr Miller. The couple of weeks that you officially quit smoking are exciting. They can be a little scary too, especially when nicotine craving hit. Here's some tips to help you get through those first crucial weeks as ex smoker. Spend as much time as possible with non smokers.

Stay away from anyone who will smoke around you or tempt you to smoke. Call a quick smoking buddy whenever you need encouragement or cheer leading. Avoid high risk situations, such as large calories and bars. Drink plenty of fluids, but avoid alcohol. These will weaken your results. Use healthy alternatives to cigarettes.

Sip ice water, sugarless gum, rinse your mouth with mouth wash, brush your teeth or snack on high fiber low calorie food, such as apple, oranges and [UNKNOWN]. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. This may sound like small steps, but it helps you stay true to your commitment, if it's a habit.

I'm Dr. Miller. Check out all our smart tips for more ways to live smoke free. [MUSIC].