Quit Smoking, Be Happy

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller, there's a surprising part to quit smoking, you'll be happier. Conventional wisdom says that many smokers light up to ease anxiety and depression. See you might think that quitting smoking would make you more anxious and moody, turns out the opposite is true. A recent study found that kicking the habit actually brightens moods and reduces symptoms of depression, and when smokers relapse their anxiety and depression symptoms return.

If you tend to light up when you're anxious or sad, you'll need to cultivate new habits to brighten your mood, try these tips, identify the specific feelings you have when you are depressed and tempted to smoke. Are you really tired, lonely, bored or even hungry? If so, take constructive steps to address those specific feelings.

Focus on the many benefits of not smoking, saving money, to breathing better to enhancing the health of everyone around you. Exercise, work out to help improve your mood and fight nicotine craving. I'm Dr. Miller, for more ways to boost your health, check out all our smart tips.