Need Help to Quit Smoking? Lift Weights!

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Hi I'm Dr. Wright with a surprising way to quit smoking. Lift weights or use resistance spans, and you'll double your odds of kicking the habit for good. Exercise is a proven tool to tame nicotine craving. Simply walking everyday engages your brain emotions sensors, releasing mood brightening compounds to ease tobacco urges, and research shows that strength training can help you stay on none smoking track for months and keep you from gaining weight while you quit, strength training likely helps in the same way other physically activities does, by reducing stress and anxiety, and by relieving the uncomfortable affects nicotine withdrawal, all it takes are two muscle building sections a week that target every area of your body, arms, legs, and torso, even if you're just planing to quit smoking, start walking and lifting weights now, and when you're ready to quit for good, you'll already have a healthy new habit that will help you succeed.

I'm Dr. Vonda Wright, for more tips to live better, watch all our health smarts videos right here.