5 Steps to Quit Smoking

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I'm Dr. Oz. You've tried to stop puffing on coffee mails, also known as cigarettes. I've got some tips to help you kick the habit start with this couple of steps which is a 60% success rate. First, set a quit smoking date. Choose a date about four weeks out, this gives you time to start making healthy changes that will support your efforts to quite.

Start walking everyday, you build discipline and start boosting your heart and lung health. Get a prescription for anti-craving pills from your doctor, find a support buddy, ideally, that's someone else who wants to stop smoking, so you can help each other out, and finally, begin using a nicotine patch the day you stop smoking.

There are some controversy of about where the nicotine patches come and loss injuries were. One study compared people who quit smoking used to nicotine patches with folks who quit [xx] both groups fell of the non-smoking wargon at about the same rate. But smoking is a tough enemy, and you need a complete arsenal to beat it.

And when using a nicotine patch combined with other steps it really helps. I'm Dr. Oz. You want more ways to boost your health? Check out all of our smart tips.