What is the DASH Diet?

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Dietary approaches to stop hypertension or the DASH diet, capital D-A-S-H, and you can go online to look up the components of this, but basically it focuses on low sodium, less than 1500 mg. Although, there is another version that does allow higher milligrams of sodium. But the focus is actually quite heart healthy overall, not just for lowering blood pressure, and looks at having certain number of servings of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, carbohydrates, pastas and rice. Things like that.

It lowers the expectation for high sodium foods and tries to substitute other foods that are lower in sodium. Proteins should look at meat that are low fat, fish, chicken, for example, chicken without the skin. Also dairy products, but once again low fat. So, overall it's a great way to maintain your blood pressure, as well as your heart healthy status.