What Are Natural Treatments for Hypertension?

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There are a lot of natural treatments for hypertension. When I work with a patient who has high blood pressure or hypertension, one of the the first things that I think about is water intake. Many times when people are dehydrated the vascular will actually tighten up as a way to increase pressure and volume, so sometimes it overdoes it. So, I think making sure you drink enough water is very important.

Beyond that, I think there's a number of natural that are good for hypertension. The second one I think about is working on food allergies. Because believe it or not when people are eating foods they are allergic to and they are having reactions to, the nervous system actually creates a situation where the vascular will tighten up, and I find that if people take away the food that are allergic to, sometimes they can even be healthy foods, believe it or not, but just not the fruits that are right for them. Then their vessels will tighten up, so working on is very important, and then there are a number of nutrients that can be very, very helpful.

There is magnesium, which is very good for relaxing the vascular. There's a supplement called L-arginine which is very good by increasing nitric oxide in the vessels, which help relax the blood vessels by allowing them to dilate. Those are definitely two, that I would consider as our first line, in that process, I also wanted to mention sleep, I forgot to mention that before. I find a lot of times when people don't get enough sleep, their blood pressure goes right up, and working on stress of course will increase people's blood pressure.

So those are just some of the things that I think about on acupuncture, is also very, very good so I think about using that especially in the short term, or we're working out the other issues in a person's diet and lifestyle. So, there're a number of choices for blood pressure to help lower it naturally.