Want to Stay Young? Watch Your Blood Pressure

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Hi, I'm doctor Miller with a great anti aging tip. One of the fast ways to look and feel younger comes down to a few simple numbers, your blood pressure. One third of adults in US have high blood pressure and the numbers are raising. What is worse is that people with high blood pressure aren't doing anything to treat it to prevent it from causing impotence, vision loss, heart disease, stroke or wrinkles.

Lowering your blood pressure, the ultimate anti-ager, is essential and easy. Yet, one out of every six people in the US dies from hypertension every year. To get your blood pressure on track start with the DASH or, dietary approaches to stop hypertension eating plan. It features lean protein, no red meat, whole grain, nuts, produce and low fat dairy foods. It can to take systolic blood pressure down by as much as 11 points and your diastolic blood pressure down by more than 5 points.

You can also exercise more, cut back on alcohol and cut back on salt. Aim to get your blood pressure down to 115/76 your health depends on it. For more ways to live younger, watch all our smart tips right here