Smart Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

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Hi, I'm Dr. Mike Roizen with 5, count them 5 simple ways to lower your blood pressure and make yourself younger. Healthy veggie rich diet and a regular exercise program are great starts. So are these are the five choices you can make. One, turn it down. In one study, the louder the noise got in an assembly plant, the higher the blood pressure of the workers rose.

Use ear plugs, they drop your systolic blood pressure by five points, and don't use that iPod, tablet, or cell phone at greater than two thirds the maximum volume. Two, forgive. Your blood pressure goes down when your empathy goes up. Three, one of my favorites get a massage. In one study, it took pressure down by 10 over 6. That makes your real age, over three years younger.

What's not to like about a massage.? Four look at the half full side. People who are more hopeful and optimistic and enjoy life, have a lower blood pressure, and this is another one. What's not to like about, five more sleep? People who get five or few hours of sleep at night are twice as likely as people who sleep seven to eight hours to have high blood pressure.

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