Lower Blood Pressure With Whole Grains

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Hi, I'm Barbara Ficarra with a tasty tip to improve your blood pressure. If you want to low your blood pressure eat your oats. One study found that folks with high blood pressure who ate sizeable fiber rich whole grain oz everyday had a significant deep in blood pressure in readings. So a bowl of hot milk could be delicious addition to your blood pressure management plan.

Some people blood pressure drops so low that they needed less blood pressure medication, but of course you should never change or stop your prescription medication without instructions from your doctor. In a study a diet supplement with oats was more effective than wheat fiber at flashing blood pressure reading.

Also it helps control cholesterol and blood sugar. Those are a lot of heart healthy benefits packed in one little grain. For the most benefits aim for three quarter's cup a whole grain oatmeal at breakfast and in other meal be snack later in the day. Want to learn more about ways to boost your heart health, watch all our smart tips right here.