Lower Blood Pressure With Hawthorn Extract

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Hi, Dr. Miller here with an ancient remedy to help lower your blood pressure. Hawthorn extract which comes from a flowering shrub has been used to help heart problems since the first century, and guess what? There's some evidence that it work. A double blind trial, that's the gold standard of research found that, when people with diabetes who took prescription meds for high blood pressure also took hawthorn extract daily, their pressure was even lower. Hawthorn's leaves, berries, and lovely pink and white flowers all contain a host of plant nutrients called flavonoids. These substances increase blood flow and protect blood vessels and in animal studies, tame bad blood fat.

If you think hawthorn extract may help you, be sure to talk to your doctor before taking it. Even though hawthorn extract is widely available without a prescription, it interacts with some prescription drugs including beta-blockers. I'm Dr. Miller. Watch all our smart tips for more ways to improve your health.