Enjoy a Pomegranate to Lower Blood Pressure

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Hi, I'm Dr. Kevin Soden. Considering how many things don't live up to their hype, you got to give it to the pomegranate. Their modeled leathery outsides have the visual appeal of a red ball the dog buried. Every year or so, another study rolls in reinforcing its rep as a superfood that's good for fighting everything from inflammation to tumor growth.

According to a recent report, if you have high blood pressure, high triglycerides, or a low heart healthy HDL cholesterol, pomegranate juice may help. Drinking just 10-ounces of it a week for a year could improve all three. Pomegranate juice did exactly that in people who need all the heart help they can get.

Kidney dialysis patients were very vulnerable to cardiac trouble. No wonder the pomegranate juice business is booming. If you want to add pomegranate juice to your diet, be sure to buy 100% no sugar added juice, and pick up fresh pomegranates when they are in season around the holidays. And unlike other fruits that call for spitting out the seeds, with palms you devour the seeds, and spit out everything else.

Just cut them open, and enjoy the seeds as a snack, stirred into plain yogurt, and sprinkled over salads. I'm Dr. Kevin Soden. For more ways to nourish your health, watch all our smart tips, right here.