Could You Have Hypertension and Not Know It?

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz, do you know what your blood pressure is? 65 million Americans have chronic high blood pressure, yet 35 million don't do anything to control it, and 16 million don't even know they have it. You don't want to be one of them. Here's what you all need to know first get your blood pressure tested, you can have it done at your doctor's office or go to a pharmacy chain, many will do a blood pressure check for free just ask. How do interpret the results?

Well 120/80 is good and 115/76 is even better, it slashes your risk of heart attacks and strokes in half if your numbers are higher, give your diet a make over, eat plenty of whole grains and veggies and fruit. Exercising works also, 30 minutes day. Walking is easier doesn't cost a thing. Finally stop and take time for yourself, stress leads to over eating and lousy sleep habits, both risk factors for hypertension.

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