5 Ways to Get a More Accurate Blood Pressure Reading

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Hey, Dr. Oz here, with the day's smart health tip. Be sure you get an accurate blood pressure reading.coming [xx] the doctor's, office throw blood pressure results 93% of the time. This can make it seem like you have high blood pressure when you really don't and it can affect what your doctor prescribes for your care.

Follow these steps for more accurate results. Rest five minutes before having your blood pressure taken. Rushing to the doctor's office can raise your reading by 14 points, then decline. Chatting with the nurse while having your blood pressure taken, can boost your numbers by 10 points. Skip coffee before your exam.

Sipping a caffeinated drink within 30 minutes of a blood pressure test raises the result. Take a bathroom break too. A full bladder boost your blood pressure rating by 20 points. And ask for a blood pressure check at each arm a difference of 15 points or more can be an early warning sign for a serious health problems like a blocked blood vessel or a clogged aorta.

That's it, five simple ways to give more accurate result. Knowing your true blood pressure is the first step to taking good care of it. Another step is watching more smart and easy health tips right here.