What Foods Can Help Lower Cholesterol?

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Sometimes people will say to me, my cholesterol is so high, it must be genetic. I use a food approach first, and here's what I do. I take out all the animal products first, that means the meat, the diary and the eggs. Why? Because they all contain cholesterol. Plant products don't, so we're eating grains, beans, vegetables and fruits.

I also try to keep the oils very low. For 90% of people, their cholesterol levels fall so much that they really probably don't need cholesterol lowering drugs. So that's the food approach. The things to emphasize, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, because they don't have cholesterol, they have fiber to help carry cholesterol away.

The things we avoid during this test period are the meats, the dairy products, the eggs. When your cholesterol comes down you think, why was I eating all that stuff? It's a natural approach.