Raise Your Good Cholesterol to Help Prevent Alzheimer's

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Hi, I'm Dr. oZ. You want to be able to blow the candles out on your 100th birthday cake and actually remember what you did during all those years? Then keep your healthy HDL cholesterol high. In a recent study, participants with HDL levels above 56 were 60% less likely to have Alzheimer's than participants with lower HDL levels.

So if your HDL is over 50, that's great. Healthy HDL actually helps your body compensate for bad LDL cholesterol. That's good for your heart and your brain. Good HDL also helps protect delicate brain cells from memory damaging inflammation. Here's how to keep your HDL levels high, eat good fats and I'm talking about mono-unsaturated fats found in olive and canola oils, walnuts, avocado, salmon, and trout.

You walk 30 minutes a day, that will raise your HDL by 9%. Quit smoking. In addition to all of its other benefits, you'll get a fast 4.8 HDL bonus and lose weight if you need to. Dropping 6.6 pounds raises your HDL by one point. It sounds small, but it isn't. I'm Dr. Oz, for more ways to stay healthy, check out our smart tips, right here.