Munch on Walnuts for Healthy Arteries

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Hi, I'm Barbara Ficarra here with a smart tip for you. Have you seen that commercial for the motor oil that promises to keep the go and get your car engine? Here's a crunchy snack that can do the same thing for your heart. Walnut, a recent research review, found that eating about 14 walnuts halfs everyday, can drop LDL cholesterol, the bad artery clogging kind by almost 7%, and it can lower total cholesterol by about 5%.

Walnuts can also cut your risks of cardiovascular disease, and heart attack by quieting inflammation, and helping your blood vessels relax and dilate like they should. Just about any nut, you enable on with the how boost heart help, but walnuts tend to have more heart healthy polygons saturated fatty acids than any other nuts.

They're loaded with alpha-Linolenic acid, a type of fat that keeps plaque from accumulating in your artery. If you're worried that walnuts are fattening, don't be. Use them to replace less nutritious foods in your diet and you'll be fine. For more ways to boost your health, watch and share all our smart tips, right here.