Is French-Pressed Coffee Bad for Cholesterol?

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Did you know that how you brew your coffee can affect your cholesterol? Hi, I'm Dr. Miller. You know you're in trouble when medical studies single out the French press method as the unhealthiest way to brew coffee. The problem? Coffee that's not filtered through paper has more cafestol a substance that affects the liver in ways that raises your lousy LDL cholesterol.

Many people think French Press Coffee tastes better than drip which is why the press is so popular. Instead it uses a fine metal mesh, with some thin paper to filter coffee grounds as you press the plunger through the liquid. If you're feeling crafty you could make your own paper additions from drip pot coffee filters.

But as anyone who's ever used a French Press knows it's hard enough to filter out all the grounds, let alone invisible compounds that mess with your cholesterol. My advice to all of you coffee lovers, use a drip coffee maker for everyday sipping and save the French Press for special occasions like breakfast in bed.

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