How Does an NMR Cholesterol Test Differ From Other Cholesterol Tests?

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So there's two kinds in cholesterol tests, the 20th century test which most doctors do, and the 21st century cholesterol test called the NMR cholesterol test, and that test measures not just a total number of your cholesterol, say 200, which is really measurable weight of your cholesterol, it measures what kind of cholesterol you have, you have light fluffy particles, and you have few of them, or you have small dense hard cholesterol particles and a lot of them, and those small dense hard cholesterol particles are the ones that cause heart attacks.

So you've got a cholesterol of 300 can be totally fine if we made on these large fluffy beach balls, but you can have a cholesterol of 150 and if they are made up of a lot of these small dense particles, you can be heading for a heart attack and one day a way from death.