Eggs: The Perfect 70-Calorie Snack

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Hi I'm Dr. Oz, and here's a nutrition tip that slims your waist line and makes you smarter. The next time you get an afternoon snack attack, reach for a hard boiled egg. You have four reasons, why eggs are the perfect little 70 calorie snack. They make you smarter. When you eat the Vitamin B12 found in eggs, it helps limit brain shrinkage that could occur with aging.

They make you skinny. In one study, dieters who ate eggs for breakfast were able to stave off hunger longer than people who ate a carb-rich breakfast. They make you pretty. Eggs and rich in choline and lutein, choline has B Vitamins in manufacturing collagen and elastine, two proteins, that help [xx] and smooth your skin, and Lutein supports the skin's elasticity, and they boost heart health.

The yolks have trytophan and thylacine, these two amino acids happen to have powerful antioxidant properties, the kind that could reduce the risk of heart disease and even cancer. So the next time you need a mid-afternoon pick me up, reach for the snack, it will make you slimmer, prettier and healthier. And watch all of our smart health tips, right here.