Eat Tomatoes for Better Cholesterol

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Hi, this is Dr. Miller with the quick tip to improve your cholesterol. To lower your LDL cholesterol that's the harmful kind, make Marinella your go-to sauce whenever you have pasta. It's simply tomatoes cooked with some seasoning and couldn't be easier to make. In one study adults who had high cholesterol but were otherwise healthy, were able to lower their LDL levels simply by eating lycopene rich tomato products everyday.

They consumed at least 25 mgs of lycopene daily for several weeks, that's equal to a half cup serving, by the end of the study most people had knocked their LDL levels down by 10%. That's the kind of improvement you'd expect to see in someone taking a start medication for similar amount of time. Researchers think that lycopene reduces cholesterol on a couple of ways.

They think it inhibits the production of artery clogging LDL, and breaks down LDL once it's in the bloodstream. Marinella sauce isn't just for pasta, you could add it to hot sandwiches, more in flat breads, chicken, and sea [xx] Mangiare bene, that means eat well, and watch all our smart health tips right here.