Drink OJ for Better Cholesterol

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller with a tasty tip for lowering LDL Cholesterol. Orange juice isn't just a sweet breakfast treat. Pouring yourself a tall glass in the morning might be a good way to help control cholesterol too. In a recent study people with high cholesterol who drank four eight ounce glasses of orange juice a day saw their LDL Cholesterol drop 12% after just 2 months.

That's way more calories and carbs than most of us could or should add to our diet. But the study does help underpin other research showing that orange juice, even in small amounts, does good things for the heart and arteries. It seems that the flavanoids in the juice inhibit an enzyme thought to boost LDL production.

Those same flavanoids also appear to enhance the liver's ability to excrete extra LDL through bile. Of course, no one should rely solely on OJ to curb bad cholesterol levels. Improving your lipid profile requires a multi-faceted approach that includes exercise and overall healthy diet and possibly weight loss.

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