Behind the Scenes of Fake Fiber

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Hi, I'm Dr. Mike Roizen with a tip of about fabulous fiber. Fiber rich diets can lower your LDL or lousy cholesterol, control your blood sugar levels, and improve digestive health. Are you getting enough? Probably not, most people only get 10-12 grams of fiber a day, but women should get at least 20 grams a day, and men 30-40 grams a day. Food manufacturers try and enrich their products with fiber, but watch out for these fakes, inulin, also known as Chicory Root Extract, is used in icecream, yogurts, and breakfast bars. It doubles as a fiber and fat replacer, and helps to grow healthy bacteria in your colon, but it messes up your mitochondria energy storage, and is an additive you should avoid. Grams of fiber's uses to thicken clotted cheese and other dairy products. They may help lower cholesterol and blood sugar, but they can cause stomach problem.

You're better off staying away. Celluloes, on the other hand is found in plant cell walls, you can find it in low carb tortillas, and double fibre bread. This is an additive, it's wonderful, it gets my approval, but even better, when it comes to fibre eat the real foods first. For more ways to keep your heart young watch all of our smart tips, tell your friends about them, they are right here, you can show them on the computer what the URL is.