Beer Is Good for Your Heart, Too!

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller. When it comes to alcohol and heart health, wine, especially red wine, gets most of the attention but beer also deserves some of that heart smart spotlight. Llike wine, beer can help raise your HDL cholesterol, that's the beneficial kind of cholesterol. It's also a source of B vitamins which can help keep your arteries healthy and prevent blood clots.

Dark beer is your best bet. It has hops and malts that are rich in heart healthy antioxidants known as polyphenols. In fact, dark beer has something wine doesn't, soluble fiber, about a gram in each 12 ounce bottle. Soluble fiber helps sweep harmful LDL cholesterol out of your system, while beer kicks a little soluble fiber into your diet, you should load up on other sources of this heart friendly nutrients, that means adding oats, barley and dried beans to your plate.

I'm Dr. Miller. For more ways to nourish your good health, check out all our smart tips, right here.