Bake With Nut Flours for Lower Cholesterol

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz and I've got a tasty tip to help your heart. Next time you bake, go nuts, use pecan flour instead of white flour and you'll instantly add nutritional values to your cakes, muffins, and more. This simple substitute can do a lot for your heart, how? Pecans has the highest levels of anti oxidants phenols compared to other nuts.

One study show that people who ate a meal with whole ground pecans had a higher boost of anti-oxidants and almost double the blood level of Vitamin E compared to those who ate a meal with the same calories, but made with refined ingredients. Hours after the test, those who add pecans in their meal showed significantly lower blood levels of oxidized fat LVL, that stop their wares away artery walls and you don't have to eat a whole meal of pecans either, add pecans to your salad or yogurt for a little bit of crunch, or add some ground pecans to ground beef for a healthier burger.

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