What Is a Heart-Healthy Cooking Oil?

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And we're back, we're learning about the best flat belly foods of all time in the final round of Jeopardy. Now the reminder is the category is flower power. Now here is your clue, you made your wagers, right? You have your answers there. Oil from this flower will help flatten your belly and unclog your arteries.

You have 15 seconds to write your answer in. The tension mounts, audience don't say anything please. I know you probably think you all know the answer, but you never know. You're wondering, Sherrie is not writing yet. Sherrie, did you write something down? I think, 3 2, write down your name if you want to jot something down.

[xx] from this flower. Alright, well she's writing now, she's using her extra five seconds. OK, let's see what you've written. Go ahead and hold it up for me if you don't mind, hold it and turn it to me. OK what is a daisy and you wagered $100, do you eat daisies? No. Okay, That answer is not correct.

Are you sure? Yes I'm sure, and of course you lost your $100, but we'll make it up to you, we'll find some way. Well I'll appreciate. Now Heather, you had a early lead, Lucy caught up to you, it's a neck and neck game, what's your response? What is a sun flower, and you wagered, you put everything in there? You wagered it all.

I'm that kind of a risk taker. Who thinks sunflower is correct. The correct answer is, one is a sunflower. Here is $1000. Sunflowers are rich [xx] saturated fat, get shock full of them to help keep your belly flat, it also has vitamin E, which is important because it reduces the risk of clogged arteries, you got it right, the question is now to lose your wage now, and then she get the [xx] she's smiling, I can see all of her molars, with a smile that large.

Let's see what Lucy wage  and what she picked, she said $300, that get's her $900, Heather wins! Heather won. You are the great guy [xx] What a day! I'm going to thank you all for playing. Listen I want you go home and use what you learnt today to change your life right now. Thanks for watching.