What Foods Can I Eat to Help Avoid a Stroke?

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My next question is from a brave man you could have seen every week facing the treacherous waters of the Bering Sea, all in the pursuit of Alaska king crabs. He's one of the stars in the number on show on the Discovery Channel, Deadliest Catch. He joined us from aboard his fishing vessel, Wizard.

Captain Keith Colburn here from the Wizard. Hey I want to know what can I do to help prevent, see the early warning signs for strokes. A colleague of fellow fisherman recently passed away from stroke complications. What can I do to help keep my crew and myself safe when we set out to sea? So Captain Colburn is talking about the late Captain Phil Harris who suffered a stroke while on his boat and later passed.

Now stress is a huge factor can cause temporary spikes in blood pressure, we know that can lead to stroke, so can smoking and heavy alcohol consumption which increases the risk of high blood pressure as well as the stoke that it sometimes cause. However, I got a solution that we can all begin to fuse into our lives it's the healthiest catch, it's a curry can salmon sandwich.

It's easy to take on the boat, and Gayle[sp?] would you help me with this? Sure.Come on up here. So we're going to do this together. Now, for the healthiest catch here one can of salmon, by the way, this is one of the least expensive forms of protein, rich in omega 3s which is nice.

This is canned salmon? Canned salmon, go ahead and scoop that in there, then. Sure, sure, but not the parsley and the lemon? That's the garnish. No, that's a garnish. Very nice. Four Ounces of Greek yogurt. I love big old sales thicker again not many calories in it. Greek yogurt instead of mayo, very good.

One of my favorite things of all is edamami, you can crush it up and add it. All of it? Not all of it, take a little bit [xx] No, I didn't think so. But that's about enough, yes. I've been to those sushi places. And then some onions, I'm going to put all the onions in there. Great!And then a little bit of turmeric turmeric is great for memory, helps reduce Alzheimer's.

There we are, scoop it up there, perfect. How much? Is that enough? That's more than enough, it's fine. Okay, good good. See he's not Italian, you turned yourself. This is not enough for an Italian sandwich. Take a bite Mike, what do you think? Oh boy! I hope you don't have any anaphylactic reactions to this.

Can I try this too? Go and try it, see what you think, and remember because of the Omega 3s in there which lubricates your brain, the most important fat in the brain because most of brain is fat is omega 3s. It's not bad is it? It's very good! Both things, and since the curry helps your memory you'll remember how to make it now.

OK, she can put it down. Sorry, yes thank you Darling. Thank you. See, I got to cook for both of my favorite people now which is fantastic!.