Real Men Go Easy on Red Meat

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz. You think steaks, bacon, and hot dogs are great guy food? Well, think again. Red and processed meats that's lunch meats, sausage, hot dogs, and bacon are straight shock to heart disease, some cancers, even memory loss. That's because these favorites are chuck-full of artery clogging inflammation boosting saturated fats.

They contain nitrates and diabetes boosting kim iron. And now a new study finds that L-carnitine, a compound found in red meat may trigger your body to produce an artery clogging compound, it's called TMAO. Red meat also often comes with a side order of certain carcinogens that form as a result of high temperature cooking, like broiling, frying, or grilling, and here's another reason to say no thanks to the hamburger.

Men who eat one and a half servings of fried meat about 1-5 ounce burger a week increase their risk of advanced prostate cancers by 30%, that's why smart guys push to fish, skinless chicken, 100% whole grains, and beans. I recommend no more than one serving of red meat a week, but for you guys who eat meat with every meal, even replacing just a few meat based meals with a plant based option is a step in the right direction.

Then kick back and enjoy great meal for real men. I'm Dr. Oz. For more ways to live longer and better, watch all of our smart tips, right here.